Faith Formation 


Ongoing faith formation allows Catholics to explore and deepen their experience of faith, and grow in their understanding of and confidence in their baptismal vocation to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world.​


Tuesdays: 9:45 - 11:45 (Room 8-9)
Faciliators: Joe Bednarskie & Jim Roberts

Thursday/Wednesday: 7 - 9PM (Room 7-8)
Faciliators: Roz Esh & John Cross


Knowing the Catholic Faith is one thing, but what about living it? Symbolon: Living the Faith answers that question by exploring how Jesus gave us the Sacraments, the Mass, and the rich treasures of Church teaching to enliven our faith and bring vibrancy to our Catholic lives. With experienced and insightful teaching from top presenters, complemented by beautiful cinematography from around the world, Symbolon: Living the Faith touches on all aspects of our lives for authentic spiritual growth and development.

In the ten episodes of Part 2 of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, we continue our walk through the story of salvation and the teachings of the Church, this time exploring the key to fully living the Faith. 

As we unpack the ways that we encounter God in our lives, we discover the transforming power of God’s grace in the seven sacraments and consider some of the critical moral issues of our day. Ultimately, these ten episodes show us how to live a life worthy of the Gospel.

                            Trailer                                            Overview: How it works


Mondays: 7 - 9PM (Room 8-9)
Faciliators: Roz Esh & Georogie Vargas-Burket

Wednesday: 9:45 - 11:45AM (Doyle Hall)
Faciliators: Bob Novielli & Dean Lohuis
Sundays: 9:30AM (Room 6)
Faciliator: Roz Esh 


LECTIO PETER: Cornerstone of Catholicism

Simon Peter: a poor fisherman, an impetuous follower, a bungling disciple, and the cornerstone of Catholicism.

Join Dr. Tim Gray—gifted Scripture scholar, internationally acclaimed author, and President of the Augustine Institute—on a biblical voyage unlike any other. In this first installment of LectioUnveiling Scripture and Tradition, Dr. Gray takes us on an intensive journey into the life of one of history’s most compelling characters.

Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism offers a fascinating, in-depth study series on the life and meaning of St. Peter. Bringing together biblical stories, historical knowledge, solid Church teaching, and personal insights, Dr. Gray gives a fresh perspective on the fisherman to whom Jesus entrusted his Church. In these ten stirring lectures, learn what happens when flawed humanity comes up against God made flesh.

Mondays:  7PM - 9PM (Room 8-9)
Wednesdays:  9:30AM - 11:30AM (Doyle Hall)

                    Lectio Trailer                                       Lectio Eucharist Trailer                              

LECTIO PETER: Cornerstone of Catholicism

With Psalms: The School of Prayer, The Great Adventure moves from telling the Story to making it personal. While the historical books of the Bible recount God's creative and redemptive acts in history, the Psalms reveal Israel's response to God's covenant offer and serve as a model for our response to Him. Indeed, one could say that the historical books tell the "outside" of the story of Israel by giving an historical perspective, while the Psalms tell the "inside" story, which comes from the deeply personal perspective of one who is seeking God. Our communication with God is enhanced by a deeper understanding of the book of Psalms and of the individual psalms that reside in each of our hearts.

- Discover a rich school of prayer for all life's circumstances.
- Experience the transforming power of the responsorial psalms in the Mass.
- Learn how to visualize the psalms in order to empower their meditation.
- Study the many ways the Psalms foretell the life and mission of Jesus.
- See how the Psalms can empower your prayer to become an honest and personal   
​  dialogue with God.

Sundays:  9:30AM - 11:30AM (Room 6)

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Bible study takes an authentic Catholic perspective as it offers new opportunities to read and disccuss the Word of God and understand how the Scripture affects our journey of faith. 
Access the truth, beauty, and meaning of the Catholic Faith anytime, anywhere...with FORMED on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Informative and inspiring teaching from renowned speakers Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, Fr. Robert Barron, Tim Gray, Chris Stefanick, Teresa Tomeo...  and many more.

Multiple programs to address multiple parish needs: Adult Faith Formation, Marriage Preparation & Enrichment, Scripture Study, RCIA, Sacrament Preparation, Small Group Teen Discipleship, & much more!

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