Faith Formation 

Guideline & Policies for Parents & Students

Arrive & Departure

Students must come to class on time. They should not arrive in the parking area more than 10 minutes before class. Students should also be picked up to go home no later than 10 minutes after class is over. If there is a transportation problem, please notify the office immediately. 

Before & After Class

For the safety of all students, the ONLY designated area to drop and pick up children is the GRASS AREA. Due to various needs and available facilities, please follow these directions:

Before Class: Students will line up in designated area in Doyle Hall and wait to be escorted to classroom by their teacher. 
After Class: Students are to be picked up either in the classroom or in the Church. 

Before Class: Students will line up outside their classroom until invited in by teacher.
After Class: Students are to form a line according to their grade level in the Doyle Hall to pray. Parents are invited to join in ending prayer. Parents may pick up their children at this designated area only. 

Parking lot Safety

Children should NOT be dropped off and picked up the church parking lot area. Parents (or drivers) should first PARK their vehicles and then accompany the children to the designated area indicated above. At the end of the class, parents (or drivers) should first park their vehicles and then go to get their children. This is for the SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN and we expected ALL DRIVER to comply with this request.


When a student is absent, a call to the office or a note of explanation is required. Students who are in sacramental preparation for Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucarist, and Confirmation may not have more than THREE absences. If more than 3 absences occur, parents will be called to determine if the poor attendance may result in the postponement of the reception of the Sacramant(s). The parents of all other students who are absent frequently may be called to explain the cause of the absences.


If a student is 5 minutes late for class, he/she must first come to the office to obtain a Tardy Pass. When a student is frequently late for class, the parents will be called.

Class Time

During classes, students are to remain seated in their chairs. They should raise their hands to ask or answer questions. Students should not interrupt a teacher or other students.


Visitors will not be allowed in class rooms without prior permission from the Director/Coordinator of Faith Formation. Please come to the Office to sign in.


Students are expected to be courteous in their conducts and language to all Religious Education teachers, staff members, and other students.


Student behavior is not acceptable at any time during any activity of the Religious Education Program. The following is a list of some behaviors which are never acceptable. While this list does not include all posibilities, it does give an idea of what is meant by unacceptable.
  • Continued willful disobedience
  • Direspectful/lack of courtasy shown to staff or students
  • Rude or crude behaviors
  • Willful cutting, defacing,or destroying, in any way,  the property belonging to the school or other students
  • Assult, battery, injury, or any other threat of force or actual violence directed toward any staff members or students
  • Sexual harassment whether it be visual, physical, or verbal
  • Theft
 While some of these behaviors are less serious than others, some of the more serious behaviors may result in immediate suspension or expulsion.
When there is serious or chronic misbehavior, the following will occur:
  • First time: The teacher or staff will call this to the student's attention.
  • Second time: The teacher will send the student to the Director/Coordinator.
  • Third time: The teacher will send the student to the Director/Coordinator and parents will be notified of the misbehavoior. Their help will be requested and a warning will be given that any subsequent incident may result in suspension or expulsion from the program depending on the severity of the misbehavior.
  • Fourth time: The teacher will send the student to the Director/Coordinator, and parents will be notified that the student is being suspended or expelled from the program depending of the severity of the misbehavior.

Drugs & Weapon

A student who brings drugs, weapons, or materials which can be used as weapons will be immediately removed from the classroom. Parents will be notified and the student will be suspended or expelled.

Appropriate Clothing

Students are expected to dress appropriately. No short shorts, tank tops, halters, clothes that are gang related, and/or anything that is generally disrespectful.

Refreshment & Toys

Food, drink, toys, and electronic devices from home are not permitted in the classrooms. Gum is not permitted on church grounds or in the classrooms.

Church Property

Each student is responsible for the condition of the table and chair he or she used. Students/parents will be responsible for damage caused by students.


Parents of students enrolled in Sacramental Preparation classes (Baptism, Penance, Eucharist, and Confirmation) will be required to attend parent meetings. More information will be given later as to dates, times, and place. Tuesday and Wednesday parents will be required to complete addition projects at home.

Early Release

If you need to take your children home early, please go to the office first and request permission for early release. Please do not go directly to your child's classroom. The teacher if not allowed to release the student without the approval from the office.


In the event of a severe earthquake, fire, or other disasters, your children are trained to follow safety procedures. If there is a need to dismiss a student early, only you or the persons you have designated on the Health and Emergency form will be allowed to take the children home.

Registration Information

During the year, please notify the office immediately if there are any changes reguarding your registration or emergency information, e.g., address, telephone, or health informations.

Parent Participation

At least once a year, parents are asked to assist the program in some way, for example: parents patrol or on special events.
Students have the responsibility to fulfill their duties/homework as well as actively participate in class and other activities of the Faith Formation Program.

Student Participation