Faith Formation 


Write as a formal letter

During these part 1 1/2 years you have expressed your desire to be confirmed in many ways - through your attendance and participation in clas and in group gatherings, by your service to other, in the growth in your faith life through prayer, Mass, and the Sacraments. You have therefore shown that you want to belong fully to the Catholic Christian Community of Holy Spirit Parish. The initation process, begun for you Baptism by your parents and by the Church, is soon to be completed by your Confirmation. 
It is now time for you to officially request Confirmation form the Bishop of The Diocese of Orange who will come to confer the Sacrament. It is the custom here to do this through a letter.

Letter to Bishop
is due on
Jan. 26, 2019
February 15, 2019

Important Direction: 
Your letter must be typed and signed on a clean, unfolded 8 1/2  x 11 white paper. 
  • Your letter should be at least one page long. 
  • Please write your letter to Bishop Kevin W. Vann
  • Remember, this is a letter, so all of the sentences should be complete thoughts and not just a list of ansers to the above questions. 
  • The letter must be handed in at your Confirmation Interview. You cannot turn them in early and will be reviewed by the minister interviewing you. 
See the download for a sample of the letter. 
Bishop Letter Guideline and Sample